hallmark WISHES they'd thought of national taco day.

photo via damian lanahan-kalish

OMFG!!! it's apparently national taco day!!! if you aren't excited about tacos on the regs, you're doing something wrong but today is the so-called day where the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT sets aside their differences to embrace the taco as a ONE PARTY. democrats & republicans can love each other for today...for one day, because education & the economy & zingers are important, but snuggled tortilla ingredients are MUCH MORE.

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tacxperiments #2 - ostrich mousstakos.

OMG it's time for another tacxperiment! TACXPERIMENT DOS! did you head straight to the kitchen & construct the recipe from our inaugural tacxperiment immediately after reading it? what? you didn't? what's your problem? do you have something against me & my recipes? we love you. please stop turning this into something wholly unrequited, ma'am and/or sir!

sorry. i didn't mean to yell at you so. i have a problem with rejection. you can totally make it up to me though. for our second tacxperiment, we've got a lil' middle eastern style taco made in the spirit of that tasty eggplant casserole dish known as moussaka. i made it along with my sis, who's been making ostrich moussaka a lot recently, since between the eggplant & the ostrich, it's pretty darn low-fat & fits into her whole "eating healthy" thang.

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la physicale #3 - brooklyn taco co.

two mondays ago i was on a boat...bitch. for the third year in a row, i bought a ticket for the nachosny "guac rock" party boat (guacs + bands) & rode the high seas of the east river with a few hundred other folks, listening to rock & eating guac & eating tac...os &, actually, i was with a friend & my sister & her friend, so i only did the first three things. most importantly, i was eating tac...os, as this year nachosny upped the ante by inviting brooklyn taco co. onto the boat & letting them set up a stand on the upper deck.

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truckin' #2 - domo taco.

out of all the taco trucks spread across this great city, there are a ton of them that go all U.N. & put a non-mexican spin on things. we've got multiple taco trucks offering korean food & ones serving up turkish & japanese fare. at the moment, japan is represented by the domo taco truck, who've been prowling the nyc streets in their puke green truck for what must be coming up on a year now. since their launch, i've visited them a few times, initially to try their japanese nacho tots for nachos ny. trust me, you're better off trying the tacos.

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la physicale #2 - dos toros taqueria.

for almost eight months now, i've worked in the city just north of union square. when it comes to a quick & proper taco lunch, i've mostly subsisted on a diet of dorado tacos (more to come on them fo sho) & varied taco trucks. then, one day i was walking up 4th ave just south of the park with my bag of dorado & looked up to notice there was a dos toros taqueria staring me in the face. i'd never noticed it before because, let's be honest...who the fuck walks on 4th ave?

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