hallmark WISHES they'd thought of national taco day.
Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7:01AM
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photo via kirstin cummings

OMFG!!! it's apparently national taco day!!! if you aren't excited about tacos on the regs, you're doing something wrong but today is the so-called day where the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT sets aside their differences to embrace the taco as a ONE PARTY. democrats & republicans can love each other for today...for one day, because education & the economy & zingers are important, but snuggled tortilla ingredients are MUCH MORE.

for starters, to celebrate, you should enjoy "puttin on the ritz," by TACO.

also, i love tacos. i love them for all of diverse ingredients. i love the way that you're able to bring together whatever the heck you want & make it a meal in tiny deliverable form...as long as you have tortillas handy. do i need a overhyped day to remind me of that? i think not. NOR SHOULD YOU.

as it is, the origins of "national taco day" are mysterious. i'm not willing to do the level of research necessary to uncover those actual origins & that's OK & that's largely because i'm pretty much already convinced that the holiday was created by taco bell or some shit. sure, the taco promotion's awesome but like most holidays...it makes me feel dirty. i'm looking at you, flag day!

so yeah...love the taco promotion, hate the source. if nothing, it's national taco day & that means that a lot of taco joints have latched onto the idea & created specials to celebrate. maybe you can get some cheap tacos. maybe you can get a restaurant to serve you some weird tacos made with shark. NOT BLOODY LIKELY THOUGH LIBERAL COMMIES. is it kangaroo season? pretty sure it is, so if you get your hands on a kangaroo taco, PLEASE let me know, k? thanks.

long live national taco day.

oh...also, stay tuned for the impending return of actual taco blogging. ACTUAL EXCITEMENT.

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