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tacxperiments #2 - ostrich mousstakos.

OMG it's time for another tacxperiment! TACXPERIMENT DOS! did you head straight to the kitchen & construct the recipe from our inaugural tacxperiment immediately after reading it? what? you didn't? what's your problem? do you have something against me & my recipes? we love you. please stop turning this into something wholly unrequited, ma'am and/or sir!

sorry. i didn't mean to yell at you so. i have a problem with rejection. you can totally make it up to me though. for our second tacxperiment, we've got a lil' middle eastern style taco made in the spirit of that tasty eggplant casserole dish known as moussaka. i made it along with my sis, who's been making ostrich moussaka a lot recently, since between the eggplant & the ostrich, it's pretty darn low-fat & fits into her whole "eating healthy" thang.

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