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la physicale #3 - brooklyn taco co.

two mondays ago i was on a boat...bitch. for the third year in a row, i bought a ticket for the nachosny "guac rock" party boat (guacs + bands) & rode the high seas of the east river with a few hundred other folks, listening to rock & eating guac & eating tac...os & sucking...er...well, actually, i was with a friend & my sister & her friend, so i only did the first three things. most importantly, i was eating tac...os, as this year nachosny upped the ante by inviting brooklyn taco co. onto the boat & letting them set up a stand on the upper deck.

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la physicale #1 - tacos matamoros II.

since my taco obsession really took hold back earlier this year, the taco joint that i've frequented the most has got to be tacos matamoros II, a tiny establishment on 5th ave in the south end of sunset park. they have another larger location (the original) thirteen blocks up fifth ave but this one seats about twenty-five & in my case, is perfect for jumping off the train at the 59th st N, walking up the hill, ducking in for less than ten minutes to get tacos & heading back down the hill to continue home.

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