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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 12:00PM
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did you know that here in NYC there are SEVEN taco trucks for every citizen? it's TOTALLY true! ok, no...that is a lie. sorry for lying to you, taco enthusiast. i lie to hide my insecurities. regardless, at any given moment in the city, there are usually around a dozen taco trucks & stands, each with their own spin on tacos, scattered about the streets.

personally, about 75% of my taco consumption comes in the form of tacos procured from a curbside truck & one of my favorites is the korilla BBQ truck, whose angle is korean tacos with a side dish of party atmosphere. while other korean taco trucks have since joined the mobile fray, korilla was the first one here in NYC, following in the footsteps of the kogi truck, which launched less than four years ago in l.a. & quickly became one of the city's iconic food trucks, helping to turn the korean taco into a foodie favorite.

since korilla's launch back in late 2010, they've made quite a name for themselves. they appeared on the second season of the great food truck race & made it to the final three (before being kicked off for cheating). they added a second truck & took home the "rookie of the year" award at the vendys, all while continuing to blast music from their truck. party time!

they offer four different styles of tacos, all with WICKED CLEVER names--the ribeye of the tiger (bulgogi), the porkinator (pulled pork), the wonder bird (chicken thighs) & the tofuture body love (tofu). each is topped with an assortment of kimchi, cheese & sauces. for $7, you get to pick three, so i usually go with one each of the three meats. i mean...the tofu one's aight but you really can't go wrong with any of the meats.

on the date that the above taco photo was taken they'd run out of chicken, so i went with the ribeye & the pork and had them put on the recommended toppings. in both cases, the meats have that semi-sweet korean taste that's somewhat similar to a teriyaki. with the crunchiness from the fragrant kimchi, the spiciness of the sauces & the soft corn tortillas, there are a bunch of different flavors & textures going on at once.

if it hasn't already, the korean taco truck will eventually jump the shark but i'm ok with it as long as there are trucks like korilla putting out tasty tacos. now if they could bring down the music a notch, they'd be even better. i don't exactly need ordering my tacos to be akin to a trip to da club.

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